• Is traditional fudge ruining your holiday style?  As in, you'd like to fit into some of your favorite outfits but the fudge-pudge has produced some unsightly and unwanted areas of enhancement?  One of our practice members came up with …

  • Golden milk is essentially a heated drink with healing powers derived from nature.  It's active ingredient is turmeric, which in China is often called the "Chinese Herb of Fire".  This is because turmeric has the ability to literally " …

  • Even people who don't like pumpkin pie will enjoy this flavor- …

  • People ask me if almond flour can be used in a 1:1 ratio and substituted in place of other baking flours.  I do not recommend this as texture and dryness can vary and ultimately change the end product. Almond flours can also be different. & …

  • Most enchilada sauces contain sugar, damaged fats, or additives.  Here's …

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