Our Miracles

Maximized Living believes that everybody who walks into our clinic deserves the full power of The 5 Essentials™. We have seen the results every day for people just like you who are committed to transforming their health. We will work with you to build your own story of Maximized Living success.


IMG_2148By: Justin Sanchez

Jorge started care in June 2013. When he started care he had numbness in his legs. One month into care and the numbness is gone! We are happy for you Jorge!

Jose and Maria

Jose and Maria Test 1By: Justin Sanchez

Jose and Maria started their journey to Maximized Living in May 2013, since then they have a lot of great changes! Jose came in with constant headaches and Maria had severe neck pain. They had been under care for about one month, and they went on a road trip. They traveled over 5,000 miles, and I am so happy to report that Jose was headache free! Maria’s neck pain is virtually gone and she says she can work out again!

Debbie B.

Debbie Test 1

By: Debbie B.

Oak Hills Chiropractic is just the place I’ve been looking for! I listened to the Maximized Living radio program on KLSR a couple of times, liked what I heard and thought…. this is it. I began my care at the beginning of July and see an improvement already. My neglected spine was terribly out of alignment. I have been sitting at a computer for decades and saw the damage that was done when I viewed my x-rays. I had a pain in my upper right leg that made it very painful to walk and pain killers didn’t do a thing. Fortunately one adjustmend from Dr. Hansen and my pain was gone. The exercises help tremendously. I have seen improvement in my sinuses, appetite, mobility, and range of motion…. and my husband tells me I snore a whole lot less! I have battled breast cancer twice, experienced chemotherapy and radiation once and never want to do it again. I am really looking forward to using God’s plan to battle cancer over oncology’s plan! I just love the people at Oak Hills Chiropractic, from Dr. and Mrs. Hansen, Michelle, Marcia, and Justin as well as the other patients! Everybody has the love of God in their hearts and that is so refreshing! I am so thankful for the care and education I am getting from OHC and am looking forward to seeing the benefits of living a Maximized life!

Lonnie W

IMG_2249By: Justin Sanchez

Lonnie has been on his journey to Maximized Living for almost a year now. He has noticed a lot of changes. He just went on vacation and had NO PAIN. He is also able to exercise again and he has also noticed better range of motion in his neck.


photo 3By: Kalie Hansen

When Monique started care, her back pain was so bad she had to lean on the sink to brush her teeth. Bending forward without support was nearly impossible. The pain in her neck radiated to her back for four months. She was not able to look side to side or look down without tension. Her fingers would tingle when looking upwards. NOW she is pain free, no more headaches and is doing great!


Michael BrownBy: Kalie Hansen

Michael has been taking turmeric supplements for many years after having a stroke and several heart attacks. He came into our office a few days ago and just started care. After his first adjustment he was beginning to feel better. He had his second adjustment and was feeling awesome. He forgot to take his turmeric supplements on his way over for this third adjustment because he didn’t have any pain any more! Another success that will continue to get better!

Jim is at it Again!

Jim Test 2.1By: Justin Sanchez

Hello friends!

If you remember Jim, from a few months ago. He had lost some weight during the resolve challenge with his sister. Well he is on here again this time is even better! About 6 months ago his optometrist told his that he was losing his sight in his left eye due to diabetes. He had to receive several shots in his eye. He has been keeping up with his adjustments and strictly on the Advanced Plan. Now 6 months later he is off his Metformin AND has almost perfect eyesight!!! Jim we are so happy for the changes you have made and keep up the AWESOME work!!!

Karen D.

Karen testBy: Justin Sanchez

Hello everybody this is Karen. She has been under care for three months now, and has seen awesome changes! When she started she had back pain and wanted to maintain a healthy life style. Now she has no back pain and has lost 9 lbs.! Awesome Job Karen! Her goal moving forward is to lose 40 more lbs. and to steer clear of diabetes. Karen keep doing what you are doing and I’m sure you will reach your goals!