Our Miracles

Maximized Living believes that everybody who walks into our clinic deserves the full power of The 5 Essentials™. We have seen the results every day for people just like you who are committed to transforming their health. We will work with you to build your own story of Maximized Living success.


John Rivas copyBy: Kalie Hansen

John was having pain his right knee. If he walked downhill, his knee would go numb. After only his 5th adjustment, he is already noticing a huge reduction in pain. Mobility is getting better and John is doing great!


Rebecca testBy: Michelle

Rebecca first came to us because she coulnd not sleep well, she was depressed, and just very irratable. Today she tells us that she does not experience depression anymore, her sleeping is getting a lot better, and her joint pain is half what it use to be! She also tells us that she has more energy and has lost 5 lbs in just a month! Way to go Rebecca!



Melly intially wanted to get off her medications, lose weight, and get rid of her sciatic nerve attacks. After only two treatments, she noticed her digestion is better, she has had no sciatic pain since Thanksgiving, and the pain in her mid-back happens only periodically and not daily.


Deborah Keller test

By: Michelle

Deborah heard Dr. Hansen speaking on KSLR radio. When she first came to see us, she was having hip pain just getting in and out of bed and of her car. She is now sleeping better, has less pain, and has a lot more energy. She says that she is just overall feeling much better, clearer thinking, and is more at peace!


Cheryl Test 1

By: Cheryl Williams

“Hi,  my name is Cheryl Williams.

I started coming to Maximized Living  in September 2013 because if the persistence of my sister, who was familiar with the success of many of her friends who were treated at  Oak Hills Chiropractic.

The stresses of my job and my lack of exercise had resulted in extreme tension in my back and shoulders.  The problem had been progressive for about a year.  Finally, I began to complain about numbness in my right shoulder and arm.
I was born with scoliosis (a place in my back which had one and a half vertebrate.  I had lots of exercises to do all of my youth and managed well throughout high school because I was active in sports. However one incident convinced me that no one could touch my back because in my  ignorance I allowed a coach pop my back.  I was 14.  Needless to say that experience was enough for me.  But I am now 51 years old and the pain and inability to rest even with some pain pills did not alleviate my discomfort.  I finally agreed to see Dr. Hansen.

I was surprised to find that I did not need to be afraid  that Dr. Hansen would cause me more distress, and it was not  a matter of getting a massage, it was the need to have my back aligned and to start exercises that would prevent further episodes of discomfort to my back and shoulders.

I was not given any promises that my scoliosis would be cured.  He simply helped bring my back into alignment and taught me how to exercise for maximum relief.
I have been coming to the Clinic for 2 months. Based on  the degree of my  distress.  I needed two treatments a week.   Now I am sleeping throughout the night (6-8 hours)  the pain and numbness are gone.
I am now able to handle the tensions of a very stressful work environment, without the pain.” – Cheryl

Meet Roger!

Roger testBy: Michelle

In just one month of starting care here in our office, Roger tells us that his blood glucose has decreased and is a lot more stabalized! He has already lost 7 lbs. Also, he has to use a magnifying glass with his right eye to read but he tells us that he is slowly being able to read bold prints without his magnifying glass! On top of that, his opthamologist recently told him that his eye pressure is a lot better!

May you continue to see improved health, Roger!


Monica 1By: Justin Sanchez

This is Monica she has been under care for about 6 months. When she first started she suffered from migraine headaches three times a week. Six months later she has no more headaches! She said, “It has been months since I’ve had one.” She is also feeling more energized and is working out now! Great job Monica keep it up!


Jeff Test 1By: Justin Sanchez

Jeffrey has been a part of Maximized Living for three months and is already seeing great results. Jeffrey suffered with breathing dificulties through out his life, and now three months in his journey and he is breathing better! Now he is able to work out with out any problems.

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